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Restorative Yoga


Conscious relaxation, this class involves props such as block, bolsters and blankets to aid and support you body into comfortable, restorative positions.

During this class there are 4-6 poses, which are held for longer periods of time (ranging from 3 to 10 minutes) giving the body plenty of time to ease into the posture, fully relax, release and restore. This longer posture hold also allows the mind to slow down, quietening the mind chatter and help get into a meditative state.

  • Focus on relaxation and opening, not strength or flexibility
  • 4 to 6 gentle postures, adaptable for all bodies
  • Promotes calmness and peace in the mind
  • De-stress and finding some inner-stillness in the business of everyday life

Vinyasa Yoga


A yoga practice compromising of breath work, a fluid yoga sequence and savasana (deep relaxation). Vinyasa uses continual movement into postures, moving with the inhale and exhale. Sequences vary week to week and focus on building strength, flexibility and mind-body awareness. Postures can be modified for all abilities.

  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Gain body strength and develop body awareness
  • Relieve stress, gaining confidence and power in self
  • Conscious breath work during the sequence promotes calmness in the mind and a mental focus point to tune into the mind-body connection

Nidra Yoga


Also known was ‘ancient sleep’, this in a non-physical practice of solely listening to the voice guiding the practice. Fully relaxing the body whilst maintaining awareness in the mind, finding the in-between state of not being awake, nor asleep. This practice is done in savasana, laying flat on the floor supposed by any props such as blanket and bolsters.

If laying flat is uncomfortable, nidra can also be done seated. A pair of fluffy socks and a warmer top or jumper is advised due to this being completely non-physical. It is proven to aid reduce stress, release tension, clear the mind, help get a restful nights sleep and build on your sense of self.

  • A non-physical deep relaxation practice
  • Destress, clear the mind and take time to feel how you are feeling
  • Fluffy sock and a warmer top advised, also feel free to bring your own cosy blanket!

Personal Training

If you would like a more personalised flow, to maybe work on more specific areas of the physical and mental aspects of your yoga practice, give me a message and I can discuss this further with you.
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Muladhara Workshop

‘I went to Anna’s workshop as my first venture into learning about Chakras and I cannot recommend it highly enough. We had a great Flow and I felt really connected to my body throughout and along with the scent in the room and the glorious surrounding of Oak Om yoga studio, it was a fantastic way to spend a few hours of ‘me time’. The workshop has really fired me up to find out more about all the chakras and explore more classes both at Oak Om and with Anna.”

Root Chakra Immersion, 23.02.2020


Yoga Tea & Cake

In the past I have partnered with Becki at B.Lush Nails and More in Stamford to put on Yoga, Tea and Cake evening events. These are a 90 minute practice where we have a vinyasa flow suitable for all abilities, a soothing guided meditation, oracle card selecting followed by a slice of vegan cake with a herbal cup of tea.

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